Umpires’ Dress Code for LCU&SA Appointments

The following will apply in all matches under the authority of LCU&SA and in all other matches to which umpires are appointed by the LCU&SA unless the relevant authority requires and issues other jackets/shirts/hats. The wearing of a hat is voluntary. Both umpires must be similarly dressed (except as regards hats).  For example, umpires’ jacketsContinue reading “Umpires’ Dress Code for LCU&SA Appointments”

Message from Tony Wall (LCU&SA Hon. Secretary)

Hi Everyone, Here are a few workshop dates for your diaries: 17/2 Laws Quiz 4/3 PTA’s and Slow Over Rate Penalties 15/3 2021 Open Competition Regulations All are to be held over Zoom and with a 7 pm start. Zoom links will be sent out closer to the date of each workshop. I would hopeContinue reading “Message from Tony Wall (LCU&SA Hon. Secretary)”