Laws of Cricket Zoom Quiz 17 Feb

At this stage, it’s unclear when our new season will begin but it’s important that we’re ready for it. If you didn’t umpire last year, it will be almost 18 months since your last appointment.

Even if you did stand in 2020, it’s now almost 6 months since the last matches. So, we all need to brush up on our knowledge of the Laws.
This session is exclusively about the Laws – there will be a session next month on local playing regulations. There are no trick questions. All the situations included in the quiz could arise in any match in which you stand.

You will mark your own answers, so only you will know how well – or otherwise – you did. All you need to bring is a pen and paper.
We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday (17 Feb) at 1900 – what else would you want to do on a Wednesday evening during lockdown?

All members should have received a Zoom link – please message us if you didn’t receive it.

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