Executive Updates

Here you will find periodic updates from the executive to the members of what we’ve been working on and discussing at meetings.


The collection of subscriptions is ongoing and will continue into the off season.

Grading reports are also in the process of being created and will be circulated in the coming weeks as well as changes in grades. The collection of captain’s reports was also discussed, it was pointed out that more captains reports were filled out this season than in previous seasons, which is a positive development.

The provision of umpiring and scoring courses in the off-season was also discussed.


Arrangements for the White Stick Trophy match were finalised, with a selection meeting to take place in the coming week.

Some anomalies in umpires’ payments were discussed and it was agreed that these issues would be followed up on with Cricket Leinster.

It was noted that a great deal of interest has been expressed in both umpiring and scoring courses, which is highly encouraging.

The collection of members’ subscription fees will commence later in the week, with an update to be provided at the next meeting.


Several pieces of correspondence received by the association in the weeks since the previous meeting were discussed, and actions agreed on them.

The collection of subscription fees for members was discussed, these will commence shortly.

Issues with WhosTheUmpire were outlined by the Apointments Secretary. He described the difficulties that general housekeeping tasked posed on WTU.

Arrangements for the White Stick Trophy match were agreed in principle. The date and venue were set as 25/09 and Ring Commons CC respectively.


Notable disciplinary issues from the start of the season were discussed, as well as the general trends of disciplinary reports being submitted.

The clothing order is due to arrive in the next week or so.

The appointments secretary outlined the sheer amount of work he had to undertake in his role in the previous week, working for upwards of 18 hours in the previous week. This was due to a variety of reasons, including last minute fixture changes and availability changes.

Umpire exchanges have been suspended due to insurance difficulties which are hoped to be resolved by next season.

It was agreed that inexperienced umpires would be appointed at games appropriate to their level.

Feedback forms from scorers for umpires were discussed, these will be worked on for next season.


The clothing order from O’Neills is delayed until July, the members waiting for clothing were informed of this.

Garda vetting for all members standing this year was confirmed to be in good standing.

The distribution of books and match cards will commence next week.

The new grading document was discussed, which will be finalised at a follow up call next week.

The website was further updated to include forms to express interest in both umpiring and scoring courses.

Arrangements regarding insurance for members were also finalised.


The Executive met on Wednesday night (28/04) and discussed the following items in addition to reports from each member.

The Child Safeguarding Policy was updated as well as the website to include the most up to date forms and other information.

Future communication between the executive and the membership, and it was decided to set up a dedicated page on the website for this where updates like this one will be posted, as well as using the website’s contact us feature for the membership to get in touch with the executive.

The future of scorers within the association, and how best to support scorer members of the association and ways to incentivise more to join.

Workshops were also discussed, a Google Form was created to survey the membership on what workshops they would like. (The link has been emailed to all members)

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