Executive Updates

Here you will find periodic updates from the executive to the members of what we’ve been working on and discussing at meetings.


The Executive met on Wednesday night (28/04) and discussed the following items in addition to reports from each member.

The Child Safeguarding Policy was updated as well as the website to include the most up to date forms and other information.

Future communication between the executive and the membership, and it was decided to set up a dedicated page on the website for this where updates like this one will be posted, as well as using the website’s contact us feature for the membership to get in touch with the executive.

The future of scorers within the association, and how best to support scorer members of the association and ways to incentivise more to join.

Workshops were also discussed, a Google Form was created to survey the membership on what workshops they would like. (The link has been emailed to all members)

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