Umpires’ Dress Code for LCU&SA Appointments

The following will apply in all matches under the authority of LCU&SA and in all other matches to which umpires are appointed by the LCU&SA unless the relevant authority requires and issues other jackets/shirts/hats.

The wearing of a hat is voluntary.

Both umpires must be similarly dressed (except as regards hats).  For example, umpires’ jackets may be discarded, provided that both umpires do so and wear the correct polo shirts. If either umpire wishes to wear a jacket, then both umpires must wear jackets.

*Red-ball matches* 

Hat (if worn) — predominantly white or off-white, hat with brim or flat cap ( *baseball-type and cricket-type caps are not permitted)* 

Shirt — white LCU&SA polo shirt

Trousers — navy or black ( *not shorts* )

Footwear — clean, predominantly white shoes

Jacket — white LCU&SA blouson jacket

Sweater(s) — cricket sweater(s) may be worn underneath the jacket ( *but not instead of a jacket)* 

*White-ball (coloured clothing) matches*

As above with the following changes:

Shirt — black LCU&SA polo shirt

Jacket — black LCU&SA blouson jacketTrousers — navy or black (not shorts)

Footwear — clean, predominantly black/navy shoes

Sweater(s) — cricket sweater(s) may be worn underneath the jacket ( *but not instead of a jacket* )

Hat (if worn) – black/navy hat with brim or flat cap ( *baseball-type and cricket-type caps not permitted)*

8 thoughts on “Umpires’ Dress Code for LCU&SA Appointments

  1. Having spent the thick end of €200 on white orthopedic shoes specifically for cricket, it’s disappointing that they cannot be worn for T20 cricket – especially since there’s a possibility that our season might be reduced to that again. Are my white shoes really going to upset any player’s visibility of the pink ball?


  2. Hi Peter, thank you for the reply. The dress code was amended following feedback from players and officials to fall in line with the dress code of interpro and other top level tournaments. Fully appreciate your investment and if you wish to wear your new shoes there will be no argument/issue from LCU&SA.


    1. Thanks, Will. It’s noticeable that on the front cover of the CL annual report, the players are wearing white shoes with coloured clothing. I appreciate your understanding


  3. Do we actually heve a season match competition schedule agreed to and legally ratified for the e 2021 season? If so, when will it be placed on the LACUSA website so that all members are kept informed and prepared.


    1. Hi David – no, I contacted CL the other day, everything is in flux at the moment until the situation is more clear regarding restrictions. Once fixtures are official, they will be updated on Whos the Umpire and the CL website.


      1. Thanks Matt..I’m still based in South Dublin, Sandycove. And I’ve a temporary new mobile number 08924063i9. Hope we get a full season this year..take care and stay safe..David


    2. David – wearing my OCC hat there is a planned schedule of fixtures beginning on 17 April but until we get some guidance from government and Nphet, it’s all theoretical. The noises/leaks coming from that quarter suggest April is unlikely but I guess it will all depend on infection numbers


      1. Thanks Peter..What a mess sports is in sadly on a global scale…Hopefully we get something happening asap. Take care and stay safe..David.


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