Cricket Scorer Courses 2022/23

Leinster Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (LCU&SA) would like to announce the following scoring courses that will be held in coming months.

Most of us do the scorebooks for our teams and It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to

  • Enhance and fine tune the art of scoring.
  • Start journey of Scorer for a Cricket Match
  • Become a certified scorer.

Scorer Course Beginner

This course is for people who have little/no experience in scoring.

Scorer Course Level-1

This course is for people with some experience in scoring and covers DLS etc.

There are 2 courses running currently which are planned on following dates. Each course runs for four weeks. The Beginner sessions are each one hour long and the Level 1 sessions are 90 minutes.

Course A Beginners

8/15/22/29 November 7-8pm

Course B Beginners

9/16/23/30 November 7-8pm

Course C Level 1 Club Scorer

8/15/22/29 November 8.30-10pm

Course D Level 1 Club Scorer

9/16/23/30 November 8.30-10pm

Important Points

  1. All these courses will be run Online.
  2. There are no fees for attending these courses.
  3. All courses have a limit of only 10 participants. It’s a first come basis. So as soon as we get 10 participants, we will close further requests.
  4. There will be further courses planned in New year and we will share details later.
  5. Interested person can email below details at in below format. Last date for registration is 5-Nov-2022
S. NoFirst NameLast NameEmail AddressPhoneDate

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