Workshop on Thursday 10/03

The 4th workshop will be on Mar 10th 2022 at 7 pm (starting promptly) and the topic is Ground Weather & Light (GWL).

The session will be coordinated by William Clarke.

This is a critical topic, considering the weather around Ireland and our Tutor  have put in a good number of hours to prepare and deliver this workshop.
Please, do ensure you join the session and enhance your knowledge around GWL.

The Zoom details have been circulated by email to all members.

Important Note:
As few members enquired, please note these workshop sessions will not be recorded. I request all our umpires to please plan accordingly and join the workshops.
However I will put this request in front of the new committee when we meet next and see if we can start recording these sessions going forward.

One thought on “Workshop on Thursday 10/03

  1. I’ll try to make it, but at this stage it doesn’t look likely


    On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 11:42 AM Leinster Cricket Umpires and Scorers Associati


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