Meet the LCU&SA Exec.

The LCU&SA is made up of passionate volunteers

delivering an organisation that is committed to umpires and scorers in Leinster.

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  • Nigel

    Nigel Parnell


  • Kevin

    Kevin Gallagher


  • Helen

    Helen Caird


  • Peter

    Peter Thew

    Appointments Secretary

  • Declan

    Declan Ryan

    Ordinary Member

  • Naomi

    Naomi Scott-Hayward

    Scorer Representative

  • Bala

    Bala Kailash

    Education Secretary

  • Kevin

    Kevin Gallagher

    Grading Secretary

  • Paul

    Paul Reynolds


  • Steve

    Steve Wood

    Ordinary Member

  • Steve

    Peter Searson

    Ordinary Member