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White Stick VI - 1994 - Venue Armagh - LCUA won by 16 runs (Series 3-3)

Posted in The White Stick Trophy

The sixth annual White Stick Trophy match was won by LCUA by 17 runs in an enjoyable match played on 17th September at City of Armagh CC in pleasant autumn sunshine.

The Leinster team, desperate for a win after three consecutive defeats, showed massive changes from the previous match and there were no fewer thant six debutants: Brian Bergin, Paddy Connolly, Paddy Deering, Bob Haskins. Leslie Hewson and Alan ('Railway Union') Hughes. David Brennan was unavailable and consequently lost his record as the only LCUA player to have appeared all of the five previous matches.

The LCUA team had also strengthened the real backbone of the side, the alickadoos. John Behan, Liam Kegan, Stan McCready and Alan Tuffery vastly outweighed visits from Joe Vaughan and George Archer who was umpiring on the 'lower' pitch. NICUA too had four players making their first appearance: Trevor Henry, Joe Moore, and Ian Reid (brother of the NICUA captain and Chairman, Sylvan Reid) and Gary Wilson, who appeared in his own right having been 'substitute fielder' at the last match in Armagh.

City of Armagh CC - Saturday 17th September1994
Innings of LCUA
P. Deering b Henry 2
B Bergin lbw b Adams 7
R. O'Reilly b Henry 13
A.W.D. Spence (c) c O'Hara b Arlow 22
R. Bradley b Arlow 33
R. Bradley b O'Hara 31
P. Connolly run out 11
R. Haskins run out 25
L. Hewson not out 4*
J. Ford c Henry b Adams 0
P. Thew not out 7*
Extras 7
TOTAL for 8 wkts 132
Henry 11 2 29 2
Moore 2 0 20 0
Adams 9 1 24 2
I. Reid 3 0 5 0
Arlow 8 1 25 2
Wilson 2 0 23 0


Innings of NICUA
J.E. McCall b Bergin 15
J. Boomer b Thew 32
D. Adams c Ford b Bergin 13
B. Arlow c Bergin b Hughes 14
P. O'Hara lbw b Bergin 5
G. Wilson c&b Bergin 3
T. Henry b Hughes 0
S. Reid (c) not out 8*
I. Reid not out 3*
G. Wilson Jr   DNB
Extras 13
Total for 7 wkts 115
Hughes 13 3 31 2
Bradley 3 0 17 0
Bergin 12 2 25 5
Spence 2 0 16 0
LCUA won by 17 runs