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White Stick V - 1993 - Venue Clontarf - NIACU won by 6 wickets - (Series 2-3)

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The fifth annual White Stick trophy match was won by NICUA by six wickets in an enjoyable match played on 18th September at Clontarf CC. Smarting from defeat in the last two matches the Leinster management wielded the selectorial axe. Gone were former captain Stan McCready and the wily Alan Tuffery - both promoted to the role of alickadoo where they joined the voluble John Behan for running commentary on all matters, relevant and otherwise.


The management returned to a winning formula - the previously undefeated Joe Connolly at Clontarf where they won the first match. Winning the toss, Connolly spat in the face of tradition and elected to bat despite this game having always been won by the side batting second.


A quiet start to the LCUA innings was disrupted by two unnecessary bouts of atheticism. First Donny Thompson was caught at second slip (if you please!) by George Wilson. Then Dickie Spence slashed Derek Adams to gully where Walter Fawcett held an ankle-high catch. Foul words like 'practice and 'nets' passed through the Leinster dressing-room.


But the solid frame of Louis Hogan joined the effervescent Don Geraghty and a semblance of normality returned. A series of nudged singles was augmented by a couple of the famous Hogan offside boundaries off Beattie Arlow. The introduction of Ian Johnston into the attack marked the end of Geraghty who edged him to the reliable Fawcett at slip. This necessitated the waking of the somnolent Stu Daultrey who was eventually persuaded to raise a digit before reverting to his previous state.


The immediate fall of John Ford's wicket brought Roland 'hit the bloody thing' Bradley to centre stage and he set about the bowling with a will. Johnston was dispatched over the extra-cover boundary and Jim McCall and George Wilson fared little better. Emboldened by this, Hogan opened his shoulders and the scoring raced along until he holed out at long on to a well-judged catch by Adams.


Now the cunning Connolly tried a dastardly trick as he attempted to introduce both Peter Thew and Ronnie O'Reilly to the wicket simultaneously. Even the somnambulant Daultrey was not to be fooled by this stunt and the unfortunate O'Reilly was eventually persuaded to return to the pavilion.


Bradley now coaxed Thew into life and they commenced a stand largely based on tip and run. Now the fielding started to crack under pressure and wild overthrows led to an all-run 5 which was life-threatening to both batsmen. But Cap'n Paddy O'Hara was not to be denied. Uncertain whether to drive for 4 or pull for 6, Bradley disappeared in a mess of legs, stumps and bat and O'Reilly returned for his 'second' innings.


Despite an inability to place the ball in the middle of the bat, O'Reilly and Thew displayed a series of almost entirely non-textbook strokes to add valuable runs before O'Reilly gave Derek Adams the charge and the evergreen Pete Reith did the rest. Thew followed in the next over and with Philip Boylan and Dave Brennan unable to stay with their captain, the innings closed at 105.


That score never looked like being enough and so it proved. Pete White and Hollywood McCall were initially respectful of Geraghty and Connolly's bowling, but it wasn't long before White's familiar straight drive was working overtime. Donny Thompson ended the opening stand with a running catch at deep square leg. (Rumours that YMCA have demanded photographic evidence of this phenomenon cannot be confirmed.)


Then Geraghty persuaded White to drive once too often, but it needed more than this. Dave Brennan, glowering beneath a singular hat which appeared to indicate a successful conclusion of a sponsorship deal with a Lithuanian contraceptive manufacturer, was introduced into the attack but still the runs flowed.


Roland Bradley's sharp catch off his own bowling to dismiss Arlow led to his removal from the attack, and, given his emulation of the feat (dismissing Boomer), Brennan must have considered himself lucky not to have been taken off too. O'Reilly's flight proved not too demanding and Templepatrick McCall and lan Johnston ensured that the target was passed with six wickets and as many overs to spare.


Derek Adams was named a worthy man of the match, and then the recriminations began. The alickadoos were full of suggestions (mostly unprintable) and long before the end of the long and convivial evening the Dirty Dublin Empire himself was threatening a comeback!


Has it really come to this!


Editor's Note. Solicitors acting on behalf of Messrs McCready and Tuffery have advised us that their clients were not available for selection and that consequently they were not left out of the LCUA side. We are happy to carry this correction and apologise unreservedly to them and their families for any distress or damage to their reputations this error may have caused.



Clontarf - Saturday 18th September 1993
Umpires: Stu Daultrey, T Byrne
Toss: LCUA
Innings of LCUA
D. Geraghty c Fawcett b Johnston 18
D. Thompson c Wilson b Adams 0
A.W.D. Spence c Fawcett b Adams 1
L. Hogan c Adams b Johnston 17
J. Ford c J.F. McCall b Johnston 0
R. Bradley b O'Hara 31
P. Thew c & b J.F. McCall 11
R. O'Reilly st Reith b Adams 8
P. Boylan b J.F. McCall 0
J. Connolly (c) not out 6*
D. Brennan c O'Hara b Adams 0
Extras 13
TOTAL for 10 wkts 105
Arlow 0-11
Wilson 0-24
Johnston 3-19
J.F. McCall 2-13
Adams 4-7
O'Hara 1-?


Innings of NICUA
P. White c & b Geraghty 15
J. E. McCall c Thompson b Connolly 13
J. Boomer c & b Brennan 32
B. Arlow c & b Bradley 14
J.F. McCall not out 16*
I. Johnston not out 14*
W. Fawcett   DNB
D. Adams   DNB
G. Wilson   DNB
P. O'Hara*   DNB
P. Reith   DNB
Extras 5
Total for 4 wkts 109
Geraghty 1-22
Connolly 1-35
Brennan 1-25
O'Reilly 0-18
Bradley 1-7
NICUA won by 6 wickets