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White Stick X - 1999 - Venue Laurelvale - NIACU won by 70 runs (Series 5-5)

Posted in The White Stick Trophy

Any chance the slender resources of LCUA - albeit augmented by stalwarts of NWCUA - had on the day were swept away by Hurricane Floyd. Leinster's best chance lay in their bowling and the conditions were atrocious - the mat was sopping and the outfield interesting without ever being dangerous.

The match was reduced to 25 overs before a late start and amazingly completed with only one interruption. Hospitable Laurelvale - the club of NIACUS Chairman, Peter White - was a new venue for the tenth playing of this fixture. The series now stands at five-all and NIACUS will have the trophy to add lustre to their table for their 50th Jubilee Dinner in April.

The conditions made life difficult for the LCUA 'keeper as the ball shot several times to swell the total of extras. John Boomer and Beattie Arlow troubled the scorers and departed fairly briskly. Then the NIACUS middle order of JE and JF McCall and J Curlett batted steadily and then more aggressively to post a respectable total. A late flurry from the NIACUS captain, Paddy O'Hara, and Neal Boomer saw a more-than adequate 137 posted.

A delicious irony was the fall of 'Trigger' Henry lbw, one of three in the innings and four in the match. In the previous nine matches there was only one lbw. So far the tally is four NIACUS to one LCUA! In the prevailing conditions there was little danger of the ball bouncing over the top!

LCUA's innings began well enough with about 20 runs off the first five overs and captain Roland Bradley was well in control. With the fall of David Walsh of Athy - lbw to 'Trigger' Henry (did he appeal?) - matters deteriorated dramatically as LCUA got bogged down (metaphorically, at least) and were thereafter out of contention.

As ever the hospitality was magnificent and for some the real purpose of the visit was handsomely achieved: the meeting of old friends and the making of new ones. The alickadoo contingent was well up to standard, if a little reduce din numbers.

The phrase conspicuous consumption took on a new meaning and Bob Kerr, Chairman of NCUS our own Liam Keegan and Peter White, Chairman of NIACUS, maintained a steady flow of banter. The LCUA President, Stan McCready, maintained an appropriate dignity and was suitably gracious in defeat.


Match played at Laurelvale
Result: NIACUS won by 70 runs
Series: LCUA 5 wins; NIACUS 5 wins.
K McCammond c Bradley b Brolly 11
J Boomer c Caldwell b Connolly 1
B Arlow b Caldwell 1
JF McCall lbw b Walsh 34
JE McCall lbw b Caldwell 10
J Curlett b Cutland 34
C Vennard b DMM Walsh 3
P L O'Hara (c) b Cutland 7
N Boomer not out 12*
T Henry lbw 1
A Waugh not out 1*
Extras (Byes 15, Leg-Byes 3, Wides 4) 22
Total (9 wickets, 25 overs) 137
J Connolly 5 0 20 1
G Brolly 3 1 5 1
DMM Walsh 7 0 35 2
D Caldwell 4 1 15 2
R Cutland 5 0 29 3
D Walsh 1 0 15 0
R Bradley (c) run out 20
D Walsh lbw Henry 1
P Boylan b Vennard 8
G Brolly b Curlett 0
J Connolly b Curlett 10
D Caldwell b Waugh 10
R Cutland not out 10*
DMM Walsh b Waugh 1
Allen Hughes not out 1*
A Tuffery   DNB
Extras (Byes 3 Leg-byes 1 Wides 2 6
Total (7 wickets, 25 overs) 67
N Boomer 6 1 9 0
T Henry 4 0 19 1
J Curlett 6 3 11 2
C Vennard 6 0 12 1
A Waugh 2 0 7 2
B Arlow 1 0 5 0
Man of the Match: J Curlett
Umpires: D Caldwell, R Brolly
Scorers: A Orr, J Lyttle