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Congrats to the quintet who helped make the first Lightning match such a success

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Many congratulations to the on and off field team who helped make Leinster Lightning's historic first match such a success. The game itself was a huge success, with Kevin O'Brien's magnificent century, alongside The Hills' brilliant hosting. One thing was missing though - any mention of problems with the officials.


So congratulations to Helen Caird, Stella Downes, Louis Fourie, Gordon Black and Kevin Gallagher

Grounds Committee acts on the information that you submit

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The LCU Grounds Committee met last night, to assess the usefulness of the ground report information submitted by all umpires, and was extremley pleased by the new facility.

Although Grounds Grading has been used in the past, it is only now that the information has been able to be used instantly by the relevant bodies - hopefully leading to instant results in some cases.

For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of filling out a match report form, the ground section is itself comprised of two parts (both mercifully short!), one looking at the playing surface, the other at the facilities provided - including items such as covers and boundary markings.

The marks provided on the playing surfaces are extremely useful in spotting any immediate problems with a ground - and already this season, the Grounds Committee has made visits purely on the basis of this information. Whilst for this type of issue, nothing beats a ground visit to look at any issues that may exist on the square, the grading information does provide a good indication of the standard of grounds - in the short time that the system is up, the umpires of the LCU&SA rank the province's top grass pitches as being in 1. The Hills, 2. North County, 3. Anglesea Road and 4. Rathmines.

That would seem to suggest that the forms are being filled out correctly!

The other major part is the questions that you answer on facilities in a club. As rain has been mercifully absent this season, covers have not been an issue - but the most common complaint has been poorly marked boundaries. In all instances where you have flagged a multiple number of issues, the Grounds Committee are in the process of contacting the clubs, and asking them to make improvements - and in cases such as a poorly marked boundary, this should normally be easy to achieve.

As Cricket Leinster's Accreditation process gathers pace over the next 12 months, the standard of grounds will come under more and more scrutiny, and the LCU&SA are playing their part in starting that improvement.

If you want to get in touch with the Grounds Committee, the form itself offers room for comment. Alternatively you can contact chair Justin Rodgers (, Guy Satchwell (, Kenny MacDonald ( or Paul Reynolds ( 

Level 1 Scorers Course a great success

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Saturday April 20th saw a group of 10 candidates gather in Terenure CC.


An intense indoor session featuring extensive Powerpoint presentations of likely (and some unlikely) events on the field of play was followed by an impromptu outdoor session live scoring a pre-season friendly. The sight of 12 hands being raised to acknowledge each umpires signal must have been impressive to say the least!


No doubt all participants are now even more confident they can be of help to their own team, their children’s team(s) or as the designated scorer of a senior team. Congratulations to all - including tutor Inge!