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Pre season workshop - April 4

Posted in 2016 News

The pre-Season workshop for all members will take place on Tuesday 4 April at 1930 in Phoenix CC. This will be your opportunity to get a proper briefing on playing regulations and pick up stationery and other items you will need in  the season. Make sure you're there.


In advance of that on 1800 in Phoenix CC on 4 April, we've organised a workshop for new umpires. This will go through the routines that new umpires will need to understand for each match - what do you do pre-match, during the match and after the match? What tips can we pass on to help you through your first few matches etc.


As promised, each of the new umpires who has made himself available during April/May has been allocated a mentor - as follows:



Gyan Bharti

Will Houston

Obaidullah Shazad

Steve Wood

Keith Kilduff

Willie Clarke

Roger Kear


Paul Reynolds

Tony Wall


Cillian McCarthy

Jim Parmeter

Peter Thew

Ross Martin

David Cooke

Ronan Cruise

Nigel Parnell

Ashok Cuthina

Jeremy Jeffrey


As far as possible, mentors should also aim to get to this meeting so that they can meet their mentorees (if that is a word) and get to know each other.


If you're not able to make yourself available during the first period, you should also attend the meeting. A mentor will be allocated to you once we know the date of your first match.