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The following report was submitted to the Cricket Leinster AGM in early November, outlining the positives and negatives of the 2014 season


"The co-operative and mutually-supportive relationship which exists between the Association and Cricket Leinster, and especially with the Open Competitions Committee, is appreciated. We hope that this will continue and develop.

Umpiring appointments

For the second season in a row this year saw record figures for appointments, 1364 in total. This is a 14% increase on 2013 and a 50% increase in two years. Coverage of matches in Divisions 1 to 3 was at 100%. Coverage of divisions 4 to 6 showed consistent improvement again – matches without umpires appointed was definitely the exception rather than the rule. By far the biggest increase was in the coverage of Women’s matches, showing 60% increase and coverage of all but two Division 1 and Senior cup matches.

Following discussions there was significant improvement in relation to the organisation of women’s fixtures and notification of changes to fixtures, venues and start times.

However the same cannot be said of the open competitions with serious deficiencies in the organisation of refixtures and in particular the required notification to allow umpire appointments to be made.

The regulations exist already – clauses 10.1.1 and 10.1.5 of General Regulations. It would be much easier for all parties if the regulations were enforced. Is it too much to ask why they are not?


We continue to be grateful to the Disciplinary Committee for the way it dealt with our reports and for its thorough hearings over the past season. The LCU&SA noted a significant deterioration in player discipline this season. In order to discuss the matter a mid-season meeting of umpires was held and it was noted at this meeting that the umpires cannot be expected to be the sole policemen; some impetus must come from the clubs to improve behaviour of their players.

We note that the suggestions of the LCU&SA to amend the code of conduct to bring it into line with the ICC were not adopted. In light of continuing issues in the areas highlighted it is of some concern that no progress has been made. Furthermore the response by Cricket Leinster to an attempt by the LCU&SA to raise the issue was far from satisfactory. We hope that this discussion can be restarted and given the attention it deserves."

Kevin Gallagher

Honorary Secretary

November 2014