See the world.

Our top umpires and scorers can travel extensively. If that is the path you want to follow, the ICC provides opportunites to rise to the top of the sport


Learn the skills.

Our training programs mean that whether an umpire or scorer, you'll have the skills to operate under pressure.

Watch the game.

As an official, get to watch the province's top cricket from the best seats in the house.



Meet the crowd.

Cricket umpiring and scoring gives you a chance to make plenty of new friends


Make the decisions.

As an umpire, you need to make thousands of decisions every match , and get them right!




Record the game.

Every cricket club in the province needs scorers. Start your scoring career today!

Meet the LCU&SA Exec.

The LCU&SA is made up of passionate volunteers

delivering an organisation that is committed to umpires and scorers in Leinster.

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  • Nigel

    Nigel Parnell


  • Kevin

    Kevin Gallagher


  • Helen

    Helen Caird


  • Peter

    Peter Thew

    Appointments Secretary

  • Declan

    Declan Ryan

    Ordinary Member

  • Naomi

    Naomi Scott-Hayward

    Scorer Representative

  • Bala

    Bala Kailash

    Education Secretary

  • Kevin

    Kevin Gallagher

    Grading Secretary

  • Paul

    Paul Reynolds


  • Steve

    Steve Wood

    Ordinary Member

  • Steve

    Peter Searson

    Ordinary Member

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